Robert Lee is a well established & internationally recognised Psychic & Medium. Robert worked in retail for all of his life and left his management position in a large retail chain in the UK to go forward with his Spiritual and Psychic work full time in 2018. Robert works with people from literally all walks of life. Using his Psychic and Mediumship abilities, not only to prove that life is eternal, but helping people realise that life is great for living and to show them there spiritual path.


Robert enjoys bringing comfort and spiritual healing to people. He tells us;  “I work with my natural senses and closely with my guides and I am also able to use Angel and Tarot cards." Robert has natural clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient senses and is also a powerful Medium. His spirit guides connect with the spiritual realms and enable him to bring your loved ones forward from the spirit world, if they are available.


Robert is known in the media as Scotland's Flamboyant Psychic” & “Scotland’s Happy Medium,” because he wears leopard print shirts and loves to engage people with his infectious laughter. Robert has gained popularity through the recent years through his honesty sense of humour and precision in his readings.


Robert Lee has seen and heard spirit since 2006, when he hit rock bottom, suffering with severe anxiety. He then started to gain a real interest in Spiritualism and looked into his own further development in 2010. In 2017 he was doing his daily chat to spirit and his sister (who has passed over) advised that he would be working as a full-time medium in 2018. Robert then in 2018 started live mediumship shows, which proved to be popular around the U.K. He also started to see clients locally face to face for private & group  consultations.

In 2020 & 2021 during the pandemic Robert had to quickly adapt to the new working climate & started to work full time on psychic television as well as reaching his current client base through skype and phone, text and email readings. In 2022. 

Robert made a promise to himself to start studying again and so far he has completed shamanic drum healing, reiki level one, palmistry & is currently completing an advance course on mastering oracle and tarot cards. Robert tell us “Im always trying to enhance my skill set to be better for my clients,”

Robert feels he is now dedicating his life to working with the spirit world and helping people here on the earth. Throughout the years, Robert’s life really hasn’t been great but that’s why he is the person he is today.

Robert has been fortunate enough to be featured in popular U.K. newspapers & magazines. He has also been featured on psychic today on sky television. Robert has also been know to write articles for popular national magazines. You may have also recently seen Robert on the infamous Glasgow version of “Come Dine With Me.”

Recently married with a new home in Seamill with his four adorable cats. Robert says: “Here’s to Progress! You're unlimited so aim for the stars! I am living proof that you can change your life!


During Robert's spare time he enjoys watching crime scene investigations. He also loves to spend times with his beautiful cats Oracle, Aura, Osiris, Hades & his cat in Spirit Azrael.